This article is part of Ski Asia's Perfect Day series, in which we ask locals and business owners how they'd spend a "perfect day" in their home resort. 

Myoko House founder Nathan Eden snowboarded for the first time during a season at Nozawa Onsen in 2017/18. It was a transformative experience and, a little over a year later, he and his wife Akiko set about launching their own accommodation business. They found “the perfect spot to do so” in Myoko, opening Myoko House in 2019 shortly before the onset of pandemic.

“We were lucky enough to get a good month or two in before the coronavirus took hold of things”, says a pragmatic Nathan, explaining that they were able to find out that “what they do works” through guest feedback.

Akiko outside Myoko House/Myoko Apartments

Yes, Myoko gets a lot of snow!

For their first venture, Nathan and Akiko chose a quiet area chose a quiet area roughly 800 metres from Akakura Kanko Resort.

“We wanted to host families and couples looking for a quiet retreat as opposed to the noisier Akakura Onsen area. There’s plenty of space for kids to make snowmen while their parents sit by the fire and watch them out the big windows.”

“Of course, we do transfers to Akakura Onsen as well as either of the other four main resorts, but we also have guests who prefer to walk.”

The couple, who live on site and run Myoko House year round, have embraced the Myoko lifestyle.

“We have a guest kitchen onsite and a gyoza/nihonshu bar. Akiko has a growing reputation for her handmade gyoza – both traditional style and vegan as well as other specials and creations – and desserts. I enjoy trying (and talking) about different types of nihonshu from all over Japan however, we stock mostly local sakes.”

Myoko House twin room

Myoko House twin room

They are now in the process of renovating the building directly across the street from Myoko House, which they have called Myoko Apartments (“we chose its name in the great Australian tradition of calling things as you see them”, jokes Nathan). It’s home to three self-contained apartments – one of which will be open by this season –  as well as a gym, dry room and an extra space that will be used as a co-working office, a movie room or simply a chill-out area.

“One thing we noticed during our time in Nozawa was the growing popularity of self-contained accommodation and we always wanted to have both lodge and apartment style if we could.”

“Of course, Myoko Apartments guests may also come across the road to Myoko House for gyoza, sake, or a chat about their day.”

How Nathan would spend a “perfect day” in Myoko


As Akiko knocks out a pretty mean breakfast it would be remiss of me to suggest anything else than onsite Myoko House breakfast (available to Myoko House guests only).


As mentioned, Akiko and I are relatively new to boarding and so we’re totally happy if we can find the time to get out together for the morning. We usually just opt for a leisurely morning in and out of the trees at Ikentotaira. It’s obviously one of the gentler areas in Myoko but certainly enough fun for us. We also like Ike because we get to go see our mates at GoMyoko for lunch.

Akiko outside Myoko House

Akiko outside Myoko House


GoMyoko are based directly below the main lift of Ikenotaira. The burgers, coffee, beers, atmosphere, and of course, staff are our favourite in Myoko so a great day always involves lunch there. The GoMyoko rental shop is also right next door at the end of the carpark so it’s pretty convenient too.

GoMyoko rentals

GoMyoko rentals


For us, a perfect afternoon would probably be a quick drive over to Togakushi, either for an arvo slide or a walk into the Okusha (upper shrine), if for no other reason than the row of giant cedar trees look even more beautiful in the snow than they do during the green season.

Togakushi shrine

Togakushi Okusha (upper shrine)


Either Alpen Blick Landmark Onsen owing to the view of Myoko-san or Hotel Taiko in Akakura Onsen because of the view the opposite way towards Tangram and Madarao.

Hotel Taiko onsen

Hotel Taiko onsen. Image:


Akiko’s gyoza at Myoko House (MH and MA guests only). Beyond that, Pontaro, just down from Kanko gondola is the embodiment of the cliched term “hidden gem”.

Gyoza by the fire at Myoko House

Gyoza by the fire at Myoko House


Beers and or nihonshu hopping along the main drag of Akakura Onsen. Make sure to take a decent set of gloves and grab a konbini beer for a stroll the street and absorb the atmosphere. Even better if it’s snowing at the time!

Akakura Onsen

Akakura Onsen Image:


I hear Myoko House and Myoko Apartments is good 😉

Myoko House washitsu room

Myoko House washitsu room