Terje Haakonsen posts a mesmerizing powder run in Hakuba, Japan

Legendary Norwegian snowboarder Terje Håkonsen, who was camped out in Hakuba over this last winter, has posted epic lines also season long. He’s been the beneficiary of one of Japan’s best ever winters, and his videos have been a treat for anyone following along from outside Japan’s closed borders.

His most recent upload, simply titled “Hakuba powder run”, is the best of the lot and maybe even the line of the winter (unquestionably footage from earlier in the season).

Under his video, Terje writes:

“Honshu island of Japan has amazing terrain. Hakuba mountain rage is the biggest and most challenging terrain. It’s normally a little warmer in Honshu than Hokkaido, so it’s not every winter it’s on for two months straight, but 2022 was.”

“Best season ever.”