Secrets from a Madarao ski patroller.

“I’ve got a secret. I don’t tell many people, but I’m going to tell you now. I’ve been working ski patrol for the last two years in a place that’s very special. It has amazing skiing, wonderful people, and not many people know about it. The place is called Madarao Mountain Resort, and I’m going to show you more about it now.”

Those are the opening words from Madarao ski patroller Mark Stahnke, a man whose work days often include fresh tracks and face shots in the Japanese resort’s deep, dry powder – otherwise known as “Madapow”.

“I’ve got a secret. I don’t tell many people, but I’m going to tell you now.”

Mark continues:

“Unlike most other ski areas in Japan, where ski patrol can be strict in stopping the use of off-piste areas, Madarao Mountain Resort encourages people to safely enjoy all the powder areas within the resort area. Madarao Mountain Resort is run by people who love powder, so they understand the thrill of making fresh tracks in the trees. In January and February there are some days where a metre of snow falls in one night, giving you a great chance of getting an unbelievable powder day while you’re here in the resort.”

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