A 1-metre-long wild boar made an unexpected appearance at Alpen Blick Resort (Ikenotaira) this week, running down the slopes of the resort and charging at two snowboarders, breaking a snowboard binding in the process. Footage of the incident was captured and posted online by Joey’s, a local boot fitting operation.

‘“Wild bore ran into me and broke my snowboard binding”. This is what our customer said when we came back into the shop. I said No Way. A for effort, good story. Well believe it or not someone filmed it. This is the proof.’

Resort officials said they were surprised by the incident, and that they had never seen the animal at the resort in the past.

Wild boars are common in Japan and are found in every prefecture except Hokkaido – typically in mountain and forest areas. The animals can grow up to 100 kilograms and have been known to attack and even kill humans on occasion. Wild boar populations in Japan have been growing steadily since the ’60s and are considered a major problem – responsible for crop destruction, damage to infrastructure and the spread of disease.


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