Faction skis set for Asian expansion.

Faction Skis, one of the world’s fastest growing ski and outdoor clothing brands in the world, is giving fans the chance to join VC firms and angel investors in supporting the company’s expansion into developing markets.

In an online pitch hosted by crowdfunding platform Crowdcube, Faction founders Alex Hoye and Tony McWilliam declared that they would “raise will fund expansion into growing markets including Asia which hosts the next two winter Olympics and the $4.5 billion North American market.”

The self-professed industry shakers have made strong headway since the brand’s launch in 2006. Faction gear is sold in more than 25 countries, has been awarded 2015’s Ski of the Year  by Skiing Magazine, and is responsible for the most viewed skiing video in history – Candide Thovex’s “One of those days 2“, which has received more than 17 million hits since its launch.

To learn more about investing in the company, head to Faction’s Crowdcube page.