“It’s almost even too much.” It’s a familiar sentiment for anyone’s who’s been to Hokkaido in search of snow … and discovered that there’s more than enough to go around. That was the verdict from the Rip Curl team that featured riders Nate Johnstone, Emilien Badoux, Raphaël Webhofer, Mitch Reeves, who travelled Japan’s northernmost island in search of the best lines, the tastiest Japanese food and the most relaxing onsen hotsprings.

“The country of Japan has come out with a lot of good shit over the years. Ramen, sushi, Nintendo, DVDs, anime, cat cafes, electric rice cookers, karaoke… the list goes on. But the truth is, the best thing in this densely populated island country is something that even the Japanese couldn’t think up.”

“And there’s a lot of it. We’re talking unfathomable quantities and layers, going deeper and deeper, constantly growing, covering bits and pieces of the country. We’re talking about snow – or as the Japanese call it, ‘Yuki’.”