News that Hakuba’s Happo-one resort will be opening a new “powder area” for the 2018/19 season is being met with excitement by fans of the resort.

The area known as Omusubi sits skier’s right of the Skyline 2 Pair Lift, and has been a popular spot for powder hunters in previous seasons – albeit with the risk of being caught by ski patrol and having your lift pass clipped.

From the 2018/19 season, the zone will be open to the public and controlled for avalanche danger, though is will remain ungroomed and has been marked as a double black on what appears to be a 2018/19 trail map.

Responses to a Hakuba Facebook page post  were overwhelmingly positive, with one follower commenting that the move would be “…the beginning of more changes to accommodate guests. Many good areas can be opened with safety. A great start”.

Another reader noted that it was “One small step for Man, one giant step for….freshies”.

Happo-one have not yet made the news public through any of their official channels.


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