Candide and Audi partner up to Ski the World.

Candide Thovex is known around the world for his ability to to perform the impossible on a pair of skis. His “One of those days” video series has clocked up more than 38 million views in total, and yet his latest clip – in partnership with Audi – might just be his best. Why? Well, for a start, there’s no snow.

In a video titled “Ski the world” Candide takes on various locations around the globe, carving up grass, sand, water, jungle, volcanic ash, stone and earth … basically anything but the white stuff.

The “stone” section features the acclaimed French skier skiing flat out down sections of the Great Wall of China, which may well be a first. He was clearly not interested in the country’s ski resorts, one of which (Thaiwoo) actually sits next to an unrestored section of the wall. Maybe next time.