A Japanese ski resort that is set to come under the new ownership of Australian-owned Active Life Group in 2019/20 will have the “longest terrain park in Japan, possibly the world”, according to a document shared with Ski Asia.

The ambitious plans set out for PalCall Tsumagoi, one of the largest ski resorts in Japan’s Gunma prefecture, also include the opening of tree skiing areas, a renovation of its 135-room onsen hotel, a summer mountain biking operation and a resort shuttle to deliver guests to a shopping plaza nearby – one of the largest in Japan.

“PalCall’s topography is perfect for a world-class terrain park, and host events and competitions through the season. From our experience at Madarao which is famous for its tree runs…we would also like to develop tree runs on the resort”, said the company in an article published on its website.

“PalCall is [also] located close to one of the largest outlet malls in Japan. So our customers will be able to take a day off from skiing, catch our free shuttle to the mall or explore the beautiful town of Karuizawa to combine incredible shopping with insane skiing.”

With 90% of the resort’s terrain graded green, blue or red, Palcall appeals predominantly to beginner and intermediate skiers and snowboarders, although the development of a world-class terrain park will be an attraction in its own right. Fans of the resort also enjoy it for its expansive, open slopes (up to 1.5 km wide) and family-friendly facilities including a kids’ park.

The resort is the largest in the Karuizawa region and roughly a 3-hour drive from Tokyo. Those travelling from Tokyo can take the Hokuriku-Shinkansen to Karuizawa Station (~80 minutes) and then a car or taxi to the resort (~1 hour).

Active Life is already advertising specials for the 2019/20 season, with a 4-day Shop, Ski and Onsen Village Package starting from ¥28,000 (US$258) and a 3-day Shop & Ski Package from ¥22,680 (US$209).